Custom Designed Electric Gates Derby

In today’s society security is a major concern and as a result homeowners are taking active measure to try and deter would-be-criminals from breaking and entering, vandalising their property or causing damage to the property itself. One way property owners can increase their security is by defining their perimeter and fitting a physical obstruction which discourages thieves and acts as a barrier between them and the house. A gate is one such barrier, and while manual gates can be tiresome to open and close, we at Attenborough Garage Doors Ltd are able to supply you with easy-to-use electric gates Derby.

Electric gates offer you the best of both worlds; providing your home with heightened security without affecting your ability to exit and enter the property whenever you please. It is this which is most appealing to homeowners; however there are many systems in place which can be combined with the automation as we at Attenborough Garage Doors Ltd will explain.

The gates available to buy from us come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and materials and provide effective security without looking like industrial doors Mansfield; however what may interest you is how you can gain entry to your property. With our help, you can have a custom entry system that is tailored to meet your lifestyle and security needs.

Remote Control

Your gates can be fitted to respond to the frequency of a remote control; this allows you to enter and leave the property whenever you like. Furthermore, it’s very convenient as you won’t need to leave your car to be able to access your driveway.

Keypad Entry

If the remote control doesn’t appeal to you, then maybe the keypad entry unit will. You will have a unique code that you tap into the system, and upon entering the correct code you and your guests can enter. This allows you to give close friends and family members instant access to your property without having to wait for someone to let them in. The keypad entry system can also be combined with the intercom system.

Intercom System

The intercom system comprises of an audio/visual box that your visitors can use to get your attention and for you to allow them in. This gives you more control over who enters and leaves your property.

To find out how your electric gates Derby could be customised for ease of use, then be sure to get in touch with us here at Attenborough Garage Doors Ltd.

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