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When looking back to the cold, dark mornings of December of last year, a common scene on many housing estates would have been that of drivers shivering as they scraped the ice and snow that had settled the night before. However, there will have been a few exceptions to this image; those who had left their vehicles parked in the garage overnight. If you found yourself in the former group, because you were conscious of waking the neighbours with the sound of your garage door clattering open or couldn't manage to lift them the night before, then electric garage doors Derby from us here at Attenborough Garage Doors could be the ideal addition to your property.

The installation of an electric garage door can provide a variety of benefits to homeowners. The main two being:

Extra security

Convenience – namely the ability to open and close the door from forty metres away at the press of a button.

Along with the above two benefits, electric garage doors Derby supplied and fitted by our expert team of technicians here at Attenborough Garage Doors promise to be quiet – meaning you don't have to worry about waking your neighbours or loved ones as you leave for work at the crack of dawn. Due to the variety we have available, they're all well made and aesthetically pleasing too.

Long gone are the days of having to have a plain white plastic door which offered little protection or pleasure. Instead, we supply electric doors in a wide variety of colours and designs including blue, red and rosewood.

Our garage doors are also available in steel or glass reinforced plastic (GRP), so we are bound to have an electric garage door which will fit in with the style of your house.

So come winter 2011, if you want to banish the de-icer and scraper to the back of the garage with the rest of your car care products, why not invest in one of the fantastic electric garage doors Derby available through us here at Attenborough Garage Doors? For more information please fill in our online enquiry form.

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